Sugar Babies Desserts is now Comida Gastronomica

Meet Casey and Marie: chefs, food stylists, recipe developers, sun and sand worshippers, people-watching arbiters, sugar addicts. A day in the lives of these two can render your average executive boggled, what with balancing food photoshoots and culinary consultancy projects. But at the end of the day, they find that what busts their stress is ironically what causes it -- food. 

Starting Sugar Babies Desserts in the Philippines in 2014, along with co-managing the sought-after food styling company Resultado Gourmet Designs with Chef Theo Zaragoza, opened many doors for the dynamic duo. From opening an online-based store to supplying for curator shops and cafés, they've managed to infuse their passion for gastronomic discoveries through offering tasting menus, dessert buffets, and even grazing tables to interested clients.


For the sake of branding, these savory delights were out of the limelight to have the Sugar Babies name focus on desserts. But after 6 years, it's time to evolve, especially after the challenge of 2020's COVID-19.


Your quirky indulgent sweets master Sugar Babies Desserts is now Comida Gastronomica!

Comida Gastronomica has been the commissary arm of the dessert company and Resultado Food Styling, mainly supplying dishes and desserts to cafés. Comida Gastronomica also offers special menus to clients, advertising agencies, and production houses during Resultado's food styling shoots. The venture has helped develop recipes for big food companies like Alaska Milk Corp., Monde Nissin, Unilever, and more.


As Comida Gastronomica, we’re here to serve you our bestselling tasting menus and desserts that have been staples over the years.


We're known for adding a pinch of our souls into our daring, sultry, and indulgent inventions. Savor in our ingenious take on your favorites, and let our creations remind why you're crazy for that notorious food coma you've been trying to resist. 





Viber: +63917-533-9189

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